5 Signs of a Shady Contractor

A common anxiety for people who are remodeling their homes is being taken advantage of by a
contractor. Most people know of someone’s horror story of having a bad experience with a
contractor. You are investing a lot of time and money into remodeling your home, so it’s natural
that you want the absolute best person on the job. Below, you can find some signs of an
untrustworthy contractor.

1. They have no reviews.

It seems obvious, but if your contractor doesn’t have dozens of happy customers
they can point to, you might want to reconsider. Check review services like Houzz
or Google, or the company website to view testimonials. If you can’t find many, or
if the negative reviews seem to outnumber the positive, that’s a sign of an
untrustworthy contractor. For extra security, you can ask your contractor for

2. They say that they can complete the job for much less than competitors.

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to remodeling, but it’s important
to be wary of contractors with a drastically lower price. Remember the old adage
that you get what you pay for. This is where the importance of doing research
really comes into play–you should be meeting with multiple contractors, so you
can get a sense of pricepoints across multiple companies.

3. They provide quotes immediately.

As a contractor, the number one question people ask is “how much does it cost to
build a house?” A contractor who can tell you right from the start how much the
job will cost is likely not taking into account specifications of your project, how
much finishings will lost, and is probably providing you with something far lower
than what the actual job will be. A reputable contractor will sit down with you and
work to calculate the cost of the exact project you are planning, factoring in many
varied factors.

4. They don’t sign a contract and don’t want to put things in writing.

With a commitment of this size, you need to have everything in writing for
reference later. If your contractor refuses to or is hesitant about contracts or
putting things in writing, consider this a major red flag.

5. They try to rush the job.

No one wants a remodeling project to drag on forever, but if your contractor gives
you a significantly shorter timetable than competitors, they may be skipping
important steps like inspections or permits.

Find a contractor who prioritizes efficiency over speed.

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