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We recommend starting with your appliances. This way, we can design around those choices.  Knowing if you are getting a double oven, over the counter hood, or a drawer microwave,  impacts the kitchen layout significantly.

We also recommend going to a store that specializes in kitchen appliances for best advice and service, such as Appliance World.  Going to a big box retailer will not compare.

Yes, we do. We are able to find out in minutes, in most cases, what financing options are available to you.

The stone that requires the least amount of maintenance is quartz.  Quartz does not need to be sealed, like natural stones, due to the way it is engineered.  Quartz is also non-porous which makes it stain and scratch resistant.  Quartz, like anything else, comes in all different styles and colors, and can fit into most any budget.

Yes, feel free to call or email us to make an appointment. (516) 888-7494

Monday - Friday  9-5 PM

Saturday - By Appointment Only

Yes, we use the latest technology to execute meetings, designs and our process.

Yes, we offer just design services. Should you need the construction component performed, we have our sister company, Center Island Contracting Inc., who can complete any build or remodeling project:

Visit Center Island Contracting Website

No, our pricing is competitive within our market and industry, but the real value is with our process, with 1 stop shopping, and complimentary design services for projects we build. 

Yes, all of the products and lines we offer have varying warranties specific to each individual manufacturer. 

Yes, we prefer to design to a budget, this allows us to assist in selections, and the direction of the design and finishes to ensure it can be completed. 

Yes.  Making a one-on-one appointment with a team member will allow you to see ‘first hand’ who we are, what we do, and what we have to offer.

Yes, our designers can give color renderings and 3D tours of any space we design. We understand how important visualizing the space can be.

Yes, you can purchase all your cabinets, tile, counters, and flooring through us.  And, our award winning construction company, CENTER ISLAND CONTRACTING is available for any new build or remodeling project.  See for yourself at

Our overall design/build process encompasses a level of service unparalleled in our industry. We are also able to ensure all aspects of the project is aligned with our clients wants and needs while balancing form, function and budget.

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