Tips for Balancing Design with Functionality

The basics of interior design are to balance your design choices with functionality so that they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Visiting a one stop shop showroom like Distinctive Designs makes this easy to do, with all the design choices laid out in front of you.

When building a new home or renovating your existing home, it might be tempting to hire an interior designer to get your home looking as perfect as you envision it in your mind. But why hire an interior designer when you have access to thousands of materials at your fingertips and professionals to guide you through it?

When visiting the Distinctive Designs Home Center, become your own interior designer while balancing design with functionality. We have an in-house design team that will guide you through the right choices that complement your new home, whether you’re looking for Transitional, Modern, Craftsman, Traditional, Coastal, or Modern Farmhouse style décor. We have it all.

We all want a picture-perfect home, but the reality is that your home is also somewhere that messes get made and life is lived. With that said, we can guide you through making design choices that not only look great and fit in with your personal taste and style, but also have function in mind.

Home is where you work, play, entertain, help with school projects, eat, and sleep. Our design approach ensures that how you live is translated into how we design.

Visit Distinctive Design Home Center’s gorgeous, private design center
to begin your remodel. Let our Interior Design Team guide you through the process of layout, selections, and planning. We offer personalized service that caters to your design vision and budget. Whether you’re working with a professional designer or selecting your own materials, you’ll love our process and service. Contact us to get started!