Should your contractor have a design staff?

When you’re renovating your home, you need to combine the artistic eye of a designer, and the construction expertise of a contractor. One option that can help you avoid the complications that come with merging these two important aspects is to hire a contractor with an in-house design staff. There are a few very good reasons why a design-build contractor might work for you.

What is a design staff?

When a contracting firm claims that they have an in-house design staff, that means that there is someone working for their company who is a trained interior designer. More knowledgeable about the construction process than an interior decorator, an interior designer can suggest structural changes, such as removing or adding walls or windows, moving plumbing, or changing lighting. Working under one roof with the construction professionals clearly will make things easier in the planning phase.

  1. One-Stop-Shop

When working with a contractor with a design staff, you have a team of professionals with you. You’ll only have to articulate your vision and aesthetic goals to one point of contact, who can then break it down to the build team and the design team. When you work with a designer or architect unaffiliated with your contractor, you’ll have to continually communicate any changes twice. 

  1. Synergy and coordination 

Similarly, when you work with a contractor with a design staff, you can count on the fact that the professionals you’re hiring are able to work with one another to make your dream happen. No need to mediate or translate between the build team and design team; you can rest assured that the necessary communication is a daily part of the business model. 

  1. Work with a designer trusted in their industry.  

Vetting a designer can be stressful and lengthy. You’re not just trusting this person with your money, you’re also trusting them with your home. By working with a contractor-designer team, you get the advantage of knowing that the designer has some credibility within the industry.

  1. Work to fit your budget. 

A designer unaffiliated with your general contractor does not have to be a part of the pricing process, whereas one working with a contractor will create a project around your budget. Pricing is a big part of the contractor’s job, so it’s likely that the designer they work with is equipped to factor in realistic costs when actualizing your design. 


If you’re planning a big project and want to prioritize convenience, coordination, quality, and budget, a contractor with a design staff would be a good fit for you. Center Island Contracting is proud to have a team of professionals ready to help with the design of any project.  Their own, private 3000 square foot design studio is available to all their clients.