Most Popular Interior Design Styles

When remodeling your home, having a general understanding of the most popular home design styles can help establish your personal design preferences.

Whether undergoing an entire home renovation, building a new construction home, or giving your home an updated design refresh, having knowledge about the different design styles can make this process easier.

Once your unique design style is established, it’s common to mix and max design styles to land on the specific style that makes your home uniquely yours.


Modern homes are sleek and chic. When designing with a modern design approach, less is more. This design style features clean lines and geometric shapes. On the exterior of a modern home you will often find asymmetry on the roof line and clean lines everywhere else.


The minimalist design approach takes the modern style a step further by showcasing every design element in its simplest form. Open floor plans, lots of natural light and an absence of going over the top with any design element creates a design that focuses on function above all else.


Transitional homes are flexible and functional. Transitional homes don’t stick to one design style, instead they blend a mixture of styles that complement each other. This type of interior design usually blends traditional style with modern to create an updated look that is both classic and elegant.


Coastal interior design has a casual elegance to it. With the use of earthy textures, open and airy space and pastel colors, coastal homes mimic sunsets and shorelines. Coastal style is often referred to as beachy, featuring a lot of natural elements like wicker, driftwood, and rustic materials.


Craftsman homes put craftsmanship on display with beautiful custom millwork and a respect for traditional workmanship. Common design elements of a craftsman home are triangular roofs, covered front porches, exposed brick, stone or wood, and exposed rafters and beams.

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