Inspiring Home Office Designs That Will Increase Productivity

Much of the workforce has switched to working remotely in some capacity, whether on a hybrid schedule or full-time basis. This has led to an increase in home office renovations.

With home offices becoming a hot commodity in the home renovation industry, many homeowners are opting to convert unused spaces in their homes into home offices that boost productivity during the workday. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, a nook under the staircase, a finished basement or a garage conversion, there are many ways to turn your unused space into a useful home office.

Below are some inspiring home office designs that increase productivity.

Incorporate Natural Light

Many studies have proven that exposure to natural light increases productivity and mood. Artificial lighting is better than no light at all but aim for as much natural light as possible in your home office. Place your desk underneath a large window so your views of the outdoors are inspiring and energizing.


Don’t forget to incorporate storage into your home office. You will need a safe place to store important documents, contracts, or paperwork. Incorporating storage in a stylish way is easier than ever with furniture and desk options that have built in storage and pull-out drawers.

Calming Color Scheme

A calming color scheme is needed to keep you grounded throughout your workday. While putting in hours on the phone or working on your computer, you will need all the calm and serene energy you can get. Scientists say blue is the most calming color, so add in touches of blue where you can.


A minimalist approach to your office interior design will help to keep the room decluttered. Minimalist and modern design styles play on the less is more approach, which is perfect for a home office where all you really need is a desk, a comfortable chair to sit in and some cozy accents.


Ergonomics play a big role in home office design. Keep this in mind when designing the layout of the space and choosing furniture like the chair you will be sitting on for much of the day. Whether you prefer to stand up and work or need a large desk space to sprawl out, consider ergonomics in your home office design.

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