Home Design Trends on Their Way Out in 2023

Interior design is all about evolving and taking notice of the trends that are in and out each year. Interior designers usually mix timeless styles with more trendy design elements to satisfy their customers’ needs.

Let’s face it, some interior design trends don’t age well. They might be all the rage for a few years, but eventually they make their way out. When we set our sights on 2023, there are a few interior design trends that are predicted to be phasing their way out.

Below are some examples of home design trends on their way out in 2023.

Distressed Furniture

As a repercussion of farmhouse style trend overload, distressed furniture seems to be headed out next year. There will still be elements of modern farmhouse style décor going forward, but the overly distressed furniture trend seems to be slowing down.


We saw acrylic furniture rise in popularity in recent years, although it’s been around for decades. But this is another design trend that is slowly fading away. Some will argue that Lucite furniture is here to stay, but we think the huge comeback moment this furniture style had might have come and gone.

Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods seem to be getting replaced with more minimal style kitchens. Some homeowners will embrace this trend as traditional, but modern kitchens that are more integrated and streamlined will ditch bulky kitchen hoods for a cleaner look.

Open Concept Living

Don’t get us wrong, open concept living is a design trend that will never go away. There are many benefits to it that families recognize and use to their advantage. With that said, when families started to spend more time at home during the pandemic, a new need for more structured living emerged. This is not to say open concept living is necessarily on its way out, it’s that more divided spaces are on their way in.

Open Shelving

Open shelving was in high demand for a while, but this is a trend being replaced with upper cabinets. Although it looks nice when carefully curated and designed, it can also look messy when not done correctly.

Gray Overload

Gray will always be a neutral color used in design, but the gray overload days might be over. Gray kitchens, gray couches, furniture, rugs and paint colors are too much together.

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