Guide to Modern Home Design

Modern homes are not for everyone, but those who desire a modern home design will fully embrace the clean lines and sterile design approach.

With modern homes, less is more, and a minimal approach is used. Modern homes are sleek, chic, and stunning in a subtle way. Distinctive Design’s one-stop-shop home design center has all the materials needed to make your newly remodeled home a modern marvel.

As mentioned, many modern homes have a minimalistic style, with an open floor concept and large windows to let in natural light. Many interior designers who are looking to achieve a modern style will put an emphasis on highlighting the architecture of the home. Subtle boldness can be incorporated into the design with geometric design, achieved by using angular furniture, geometric style prints or even wallpaper.

Modern style homes have distinct definition between living areas in an open floor plan space. Separate living spaces with the use of bold wallpaper or accents. Kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms are often combined into one large room with a clear definition of each space.

If you’re leaning towards a more modern home design style, Distinctive Designs home center’s in-house design team is here to guide you.

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