Creative Ways to Use Tile for Your Home Remodel

Tile is a versatile material in home design and can be used for various applications. Using tile in creative ways can turn an ordinary room into a visually stunning feature in your home, with the ability to freshen up a dull space or completely transform one.

Distinctive Designs partners with trusted tile vendors to bring you the best selection of tile for your home remodel or new home construction project. We carry thousands of samples at our one-stop-shop showroom and are able to accommodate any style, size, or budget. Our designers can identify exactly what you want with the convenience of one location with samples, counters and cabinets all within arm’s reach.

Tile can be used on walls, flooring, backsplash, showers, or as accent details. Tiles allow us to spruce up an otherwise boring room with some texture and color. Below are some creative ways to use tile for your home remodel.


Draw your guests’ eyes to your foyer the moment they step inside your home with some intricate tile work. Mosaic designs, a pop of color, or an added texture to your flooring are all appealing ways tile can enhance your foyer.


Tile can provide any type of backsplash you want in your kitchen design. From simple subway tile to detailed designs, choose tile that fits perfectly with the interior design vision you have for your kitchen.


Your shower is a great way to incorporate tile into your home’s interior design. In the bathroom, you can use tile for the walls and flooring. Experiment with different kinds of tile to make your shower area as unique as your interior design style.


Tile accent details on the staircase is a creative use of tile in your home. Use the tile for a pop of color or  a point of interest while walking up and down the staircase.


Tile can be used on the walls just as it can be used for flooring. Use it on your hallway walls, in your powder room, or as an accent wall and get creative with your design. The design possibilities are endless!

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