Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2023

Kitchens are the most multifunctional rooms in any home. They should be both stylish and functional, and your kitchen design choices should reflect that.

When we think of a kitchen remodel, we tend to think about the bigger design choices first. We think of cabinetry, appliances, and countertops first and foremost. Our designers believe that cabinet hardware is another big kitchen design decision to make when it comes to your home remodel, because they can give your kitchen a personalized design touch.

Many people choose to update their kitchens by simply switching out their cabinet hardware, which is a small swap but makes a surprisingly dramatic difference. This speaks to how important of a design decision your cabinet hardware is. When designing a new kitchen at Distinctive Designs home center, we can help guide you towards cabinet hardware trends that we will see this coming year in 2023.

One trend we’re continuing to see is gold hardware, giving a touch of luxury to your new kitchen. Another trend we’re seeing in cabinet hardware for 2023 is mixing and matching your hardware for a unique look that can be personalized by you. Homeowners are also loving the drastic color contrasts of black and white, so they’re opting for white cabinets with black cabinet hardware accents.

Lastly, a hot cabinet hardware trend is opting for no hardware at all. With the rise in popularity of more integrated kitchens, we’ve seen homeowners choosing to hide the hardware and opening the cabinets from the top or side instead. This is a seamless design option that looks great in modern kitchens.

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