Biggest Home Remodeling Design Mistakes

Successful home remodels require expertise from the professionals, thorough and precise planning, and a lot of patience.

When mistakes are made, it can cost homeowners time and money that they can’t get back. To avoid mistakes, we can put our trust in the years of experience of the experts and learn from past remodeling mistakes.

If undergoing a remodel of any size, homeowners should do their research and avoid the following common mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

The contractor doing the home renovation work needs to be a reputable contractor with experience under their belt. Our partner contractors, Center Island Contracting, are award-winning Long Island contractors with a stellar reputation, who can design, renovate, improve, and build your dream home. Don’t settle for the contractor with the cheapest bid. Do your research and choose the right company who can do the job the right way.

Unexpected Expenses

Failing to factor in unexpected expenses in your home remodeling project can be a detrimental mistake. Mistakes and mishaps happen all the time but being prepared will save your sanity and your budget. Even the home remodeling professionals will tell you that assuming everything will go smoothly is a mistake.

Going Too Trendy

Try to avoid going too trendy with your design choices. You can incorporate trendy elements into your design plans but going too trendy will be a mistake when your rooms look outdated in a few years. If planning on reselling your home after remodeling, aim for a mix of timeless and trendy design choices.


Measure everything twice to avoid the pitfalls of mismeasuring. This can be a costly mistake if we’ve already placed the order for materials, especially custom materials. Some vendors have a minimum order, so it can be expensive to put in another, smaller order if a measuring mistake is made.

Low Quality Materials

The price tag on low quality building materials might be enticing but using low quality materials won’t hold up the same as high quality materials. Many homeowners choose to use a mix of generic brands with higher end brands, so that quality isn’t sacrificed but the budget isn’t compromised either.

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