5 Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen Island to Make Entertaining Easier

Kitchen islands are functional and stylish additions to kitchens, with multipurpose uses for them. One of the best uses for kitchen islands is to make entertaining guests easier.

Not only can you use your kitchen island as a prep station for cocktails, appetizers or meals, you can make upgrades to it to make entertaining a breeze.

At the Distinctive Designs Home Center showroom, we can help you build a custom kitchen that complements the way you live and use your home each day. Below are some ideas to upgrade your kitchen island to make it work better for you.


Add a stovetop to your kitchen island to create a centralized location for cooking your favorite meals for your favorite people. You can even go all out and install a range to your kitchen island for a modern look.


Having a second sink on the island can help with dinner prep, giving you a second location to access the sink. Prep sinks tend to be smaller than the main sink. Their convenience streamlines the cooking process.

Extra Storage

Design cabinets on each side of your kitchen island to create more storage space. Consider designing your kitchen island storage with optimal functionality in mind. You can design pull out drawers or standard cabinets depending on your storage needs.

Wine Fridge

A wine fridge is a great place to store extra beverages, not just wine. Store your sparkling water, soda, beer, or any beverage you serve to guests. Wine fridges conveniently located in the center of the kitchen make entertaining a lot easier.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting for your kitchen island creates a warm and inviting ambiance. This is a nice upgrade that sets the mood in the evening, whether you’re entertaining friends or having an intimate dinner with your spouse.

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