5 Kitchen Trends that are here to stay

When you’re redoing your kitchen, it’s hard to know what is a trend and what will look timeless a few years down the line.

Our in house design team can help you get that classic but modern look, but you can use these five tips to help guide you through the process.

1. Marble/Quartz countertop

a. Marble or quartz countertops offer a clean and beautiful element in your kitchen,
and have been a major trend of the last few years. But more than that, people
have been putting marble in their kitchens since the days of ancient Greece,
meaning that it is a look that stands the test of time. The beauty is in the way that
it can tie an entire room together. Plus, since marble is made from a stone, each
one is unique.

2. High quality materials that fit your lifestyle

a. It can seem tempting to cut costs by selecting products of a lower quality, but in
the long run it’s always better to invest in high quality products that can withstand
daily wear-and-tear from your family. At Distinctive Designs Home Center, we use
all the highest quality products, and more than that: we make sure that the
materials we’re using fit your lifestyle. High quality products will prevent your
kitchen from ever looking dingy or dated.

3. Neutral color palette

a. Neutral colors can help your kitchen to feel bigger and brighter, which is probably
why it’s an incredibly popular choice for our customers. Beige, white, and gray
are anything but boring in an expertly designed kitchen, and you don’t have to
worry about these colors going out of fashion. A neutral color palette in your
kitchen can ensure that you’ll feel like it’s a new kitchen for years to come!

4. Double islands

a. The double island is one of the newest and most popular additions to our kitchen
remodels. In today’s world, the kitchen table can serve as an office, a classroom,
and a place where meals are prepared and eaten–sometimes all at once. The
work-from-home, learn-from-home model doesn’t seem to be going anywhere
any time soon, so invest in a double island where every member of the
household can comfortably utilize the kitchen table.

5. Natural Wood Tones in the kitchen

a. The natural and lighter look of wood tones in the kitchen are definitely a trend
here to stay. With so many grains and undertones to choose from, natural wood
tones can make your kitchen completely unique and your own. If you decide to
utilize white cabinets or a neutral color pallet, the naturalness of the wood bringslife and excitement to the design. As designers, we’re here to help you mix and match your favorite looks and create a cohesive but contrasting room.

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